Wednesday, March 24, 2010

3D Cell Phone Model

This is what I did at work last Tuesday. I built and modeled a cell phone in 3D for a project at work. Using my LG enV3 phone as a loose reference, I started with a box, 10 segments long, 6 wide and 3 deep.

I added an Edit Poly modifier and moved some vertices around.

I then added a TurboSmooth modifier.

I added another Edit Poly modifier on top of that, extending the length of some of the lower vertices and separately beveling the groups of polygons that make up the buttons and the screen.

I created a cylinder for the navigation/OK button.

I added an Edit Poly modifier, insetting and beveling polygon groups as needed.

First render pass, using VRay global illumination.

Second render, with preliminary materials.

Final render, with refined materials and texture map. The entire process, including waiting for test renders, took about 3 hours. Boom. Cell phone. Give me something hard next time (that's what she said).

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Final Bullet - Finished!

After a few more days of tweaking and adding detail, I'm calling this one finished. First, I decided I didn't like the direct lighting on the dreadlocked figure in the background. His definition just made him look too much like a foreground figure. So I restricted my background hunters to silhouettes with rim lighting. They look much more sinister that way.

I adjusted the cloth wrappings around his ankles based on some photoreference sources. I added detail to the vertical pipe. I like that smaller pipe that snakes around; it adds interest. I also added a layer of grime to the main character and refined his hair and facial blending.

Then came the ground itself. Man, I need some training and tutelage on how to draw ground junk. I spent most of today working that up, with lots of false starts. Nothing looked right to me. Junk, rubble, clutter, detritus, I've always had a problem with that. Maybe I'm sweating it too much, because it's not the focal point, but I'd like to get better at that area of painting and concept art. I think I just need to practice painting from real scenery or just go to a junkyard and take a whole bunch of photoreference. Overall I'm quite happy with how it turned out, though. I think this is one of my best paintings yet.